Electric Starter

The BSA Goldstar Electric Starter was developed in the flatlands of Norfolk on the East Coast of the UK. The brain behind this was Phil Pearson and John Edwards, over many months of trial and development the mechanism as you see it today was born, albeit somewhat larger, the next stage was to make it on a smaller scale.

The image you can see on this page is the starter kit, comes complete with a stronger and thickened inner primary, the mechanism, chains for the mechanism, electric panel containing 12v Regulator and Soleniod, for the UK customers we also provide a Varta Battery(due to ADR rules batteries cannot be shipped over seas), gaskets for the inner primary felt for the clutch and Cush drive, motor with mounting bracket, and finally a choice of front engine sprockets 21,22 and 23.

( Option 1) We can now offer 2 price for the kit first is based around modifying your original inner primary, the cost for this is £1385 plus postage ( we need the inner primary sending to us first and we can do the modifications and return complete with kit.

(Option 2) Second options is with a new Inner Primary and the price for this kit is £1549.00

Option 1 - £1385.00 Option 2 - £1549.00 We also suggestion as you have to run oil within the inner primary you run a Oil Seal Sliding plate to prevent oil leaking from the gear box shaft area. These are £49.95 but you will need to modifiy the clutch hub adaptor.